How Keter Group Is Changing Everything: CEO Alejandro Pena Showcases Sustainability, Technology, and Texture Changes on 75th Anniversary


The idea of sustainable building materials isn’t a new one. Entire industries have sprouted from the ground to try and offset exposure of human waste to the environment surrounding us.

Based out of Israel and rapidly growing into both Eastern and Western markets, Keter has become known for its focus on sustainable building materials, recyclable resin, and affordable home goods at unbeatable prices.

Guided by the leadership of CEO Alejandro Pena, Keter has grown into a global icon for its focus on sustainability. Now celebrating its 75th anniversary, Keter Group CEO Alejandro Pena took some time to explain how the company will continue growing going forward.

Keter Group on Sustainability Efforts

Alejandro Pena was made the CEO of Keter Group in 2017. Brought on to guide its expansion into newer markets, Keter has since grown into a worldwide network of more than 5,000 employees. Originally conceived in 1948, Keter has kept its mission statement of innovation and sustainability true throughout.

At the time of this writing, Keter is slated to increase its use of recycled content in all its products. The company aims to improve its recycled content use to 55% by the year 2025. This is an important goal as Keter is already one of the largest postindustrial and post-consumer plastics users.

How Taste Can Transcend Materials

The original Louis XVI was designed in the 1700s and developed with transparent lucite. Known as the Louis Ghost Chair, French designer Philippe Starck would refashion the furniture for modern audiences by utilizing more practical materials.

Keter Group has become a leader in outdoor storage solutions and furniture thanks to its ability to replicate the high fashion of the past with affordable options of the present. Take the Louis Ghost Chair, for example. Keter has introduced its affordable Adirondack chair with lifelike wood materials designed with proprietary LumberTech materials.

Keter produces environmentally friendly furniture and storage solutions that utilize these cutting-edge materials. The goal is to reduce waste and price while allowing consumers to enjoy something nice.

Pena added, “Keter is passionate. We are not only a business driven by innovation and a leading company in our industry, but we are also a company that lives by the values of being good to the environment and our communities.”

Alejandro Pena said, “Not (only) because it is the right thing to do, but because I also believe that it will give us a competitive advantage over the long term.”

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