3 things to remember before migrating to AWS

The following are the three main things that you need to know before you decide to conduct an AWS migration.

Upskill your teams

The DevOps and the cloud era have made it quite easy in thinking better tooling could be the answer to the problems that are found in the IT traditional shops. But it doesn’t matter how sophisticated your infrastructure might be, your services will be designed, managed, and implemented by individuals. At its necessity, DevOps will be the foremost and first regarded as a cultural movement.

It is possible achieving some tactical improvements by having to implement better tooling CD/CI code for infrastructure, configuration management, but the organization will still have to be held up by the bottlenecks having to come with a classic structure.

Choosing what should migrate

As per your organization size, you might look at having to migrate dozens or even hundreds of the applications. Having to migrate the whole portfolio might easily set the project length to months or years from the beginning. But the truth be told is that you don’t have to migrate all that you have to the cloud, or at least, in the beginning.

Certain systems might not gain a lot from having to change or inducing more trouble as compared to the benefits. You have to think of legacy systems that will soon be decommissioned or could be replaced advantaged by the COTS the commercial of the shelf or the offerings of the SaaS.

There happens to be the question of having to migrate the application the way it is. Shift and lift or to use the opportunity in modifying it to take advantage of the modernized architecture patter and the feature of the cloud-native.

Build solid foundations

There happens to be a difference between having a few employees who play with the sandbox environment and the building and having to run the business infrastructure. With your team reaching a comfort level and that of maturity with the technology, the organization in its totality can start to prepare for the transition.


Before you start to deploy the first application, you need to build the foundation of the infrastructure of your cloud. You must pay close attention to the design and planning before you deploy anything. There are certain decisions for a design that might be hard to change and very costly once they run the workloads built for them.


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